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Modal particles: тийм ээ? / тээ?

18 December 2016

This is part of a series on Modal particles based on textbooks and grammar references that I have to hand.

One very common modal particle in Mongolian conversational speech is тийм ээ? / тээ? This particle is covered only by Bayarmaa's Mongolian Language for Beginners and completely ignored in other sources that I have.

1. Mongolian Language for Beginners

Before quoting Bayarmaa, I will make a couple of preliminary observations from my own understanding:

1. Bayarmaa Khalzaa (Mongolian Language for Beginners) 2012

Bayarmaa's explanation is confined to equating тийм ээ? / тээ? to English 'right?'

Тийм ээ? --> т(ийм) ээ? --> [тээ?] (right?)

Та багш, тийм ээ?
You are a teacher, right?
Та энэ сургуульд сурдаг, тийм ээ?
You study in this school, right?
Танай нутаг их хүйтэн, тийм ээ?
Your homeland is very cold, right?
Би номыг чинь өгсөн, тийм ээ?
I gave you your book, right?
Чи монгол хэл сурч байгаа, тийм ээ?
You are learning Mongolian, right?
Хүү чинь дуулах дуртай, тийм ээ?
Your son likes to sing, right?
Энэ чинийх, тийм ээ?
This is yours, right?
Танайх 3-р хороолонд байдаг, тийм ээ?
Your house is in the third district, right?
Бид нар маргааш хичээлтэй, тийм ээ?
We have a lesson tomorrow, right?
Та хорин настай, тийм ээ?
You are 20 years old, right?