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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
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Chapter 1: Dudley Demented


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 达力遭遇摄魂怪
Dálì zāoyù Shè-hún-guài
达力 Dálì = 'Dudley'.
遭遇 = zāoyù 'to encounter, run across'.
摄魂怪 Shè-hún-guài = 'Soul-absorbing demon' = 'Dementor'.
Dudley encounters
Chinese (Taiwan) 催狂達力
Cuī-kuáng Dálì
催狂 cuī-kuáng = 'induce madness'
達力 Dálì = 'Dudley'.
Dement Dudley
Japanese 襲われたダドリー
Osowareta Dadorii
襲われた osowareta = 'was/were attacked' (襲う osou = 'to attack'; 襲われる osowareru = 'to be attacked' 襲われた osowareta = 'was/were attacked')
ダドリー Dadorii = 'Dudley'
Dudley attacked
Vietnamese Dudley bị ếm Dudley = 'Dudley' (pronounced Đớt-đơ-li according to footnotes).
bị () = passive marker
ếm = 'bewitch' (with the magic eye).
Dudley bewitched

Although 'Dudley Demented' is a rather nice title, with the alliteration of 'd's' and the implication that Dudley virtually lost his mind, the Dementors did not actually 'dement' Dudley. Accordingly, the Chinese translator comes up with 'Dudley encounters Dementor(s)', which is less dramatic but more accurate.

The Taiwanese translator draws on the name of the Dementors (催狂魔 cuī-kuáng-mó) for the title, which suggests an attempt to dement Dudley without implying success.

The Japanese and Vietnamese versions dispense with any references to Dementors (or 'prison warders' as they are called in the Vietnamese translation), conveying instead the concept that Dudley was 'attacked' or 'bewitched', using passive voice.

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