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Chapter 32: Out of the Fire


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 从火中归来
Cóng huǒ-zhōng guī-lái
cóng = 'from'.
huǒ = 'fire'.
zhōng = 'in'.
归来 guī-lái = 'come back'.
Back from the fire
Chinese (Taiwan) 火焰中的危機
Huǒyán-zhōng de wēijī
火焰 huǒyàn = 'flames'.
zhōng = 'in'.
de = connecting particle
危機 wēijī = 'crisis'.
Crisis amid the flames
Japanese 炎の中から
Honō no naka kara
honō = 'flames'.
no = connecting particle
naka = 'inside'.
から kara = 'from'.
From inside the flames
Vietnamese Thoát lửa thoát () = 'to deliver oneself, to free oneself, to shake off'.
lửa = 'fire'.
Free of the fire

'Out of the fire' literally refers to the way that Umbridge pulled Harry out of the fire as he was trying to communicate with Sirius. Figuratively, it refers to the way in which Hermione helps Harry out of this hot spot with Umbridge.

The Chinese translation is relatively literal but doesn't quite fit either of these meanings.

The Taiwanese version tries to make the meaning more intelligible ('Crisis in the flames').

The Japanese is quite literal but leaves the meaning at its most vague.

The Vietnamese interprets the expression as meaning 'getting free of the fire' or 'delivering oneself from the fire'.

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