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Chapter 36: The Only One He Ever Feared


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 他唯一害怕的人
Tā wéiyī hàipà de rén
= 'he, him'.
唯一 wéiyī  = 'only, sole'.
害怕 hàipà = 'to fear'
de = connecting particle
rén = 'person'
The sole person he fears
Chinese (Taiwan) 他唯一怕過的人
Tā wéiyī pà-guò de rén
= 'he, him'.
唯一 wéiyī = 'only, sole'.
= 'to fear'
-guò = particle indicating that something has happened
de = connecting particle
rén = 'person'
The sole person he has feared
Japanese 「あの人」が恐れた唯一の人物
'Ano hito' ga osoreta yu-itsu no jinbutsu
「あの人」'ano hito' = 'that person' (refers to Voldemort).
ga = particle indicating subject
恐れた osoreta = past tense of 恐れる osoreru 'to fear'.
唯一 yui-itsu = 'sole, only'.
no = connecting particle
人物 jinbutsu = 'person'.
The only person that he feared
Vietnamese Người duy nhất hắn sợ người = 'person'.
duy nhất (唯一) = 'only, sole'.
hắn = 'he' (pejorative).
sợ = 'to be afraid, fear'.
The only person he fears

A fairly literal translation. The Mainland and Vietnamese translations treat this as the present tense ('The only person he fears'). The Taiwanese and Japanese versions follow the English more closely ('The only person he has feared').

Note that the Japanese translator is forced to make the reference to Voldemort explicit as「あの人」'ano hito', close to the Japanese rendition of 'You-know-who' (例のあの人 rei no ano hito). To do otherwise, by using a lame-sounding kare 'he' or some other pronoun, would completely spoil the effect.

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