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Chapter 38: The Second War Begins


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 第二场战争打响了
Dì-èr-chǎng zhànzhèng dǎxiǎng le
= 'number' (ordinal).
èr = '2'
chǎng = 'scene, occasion' (counter or classifer)
战争 zhànzhèng = 'war'.
打响 dǎxiǎng = 'to open fire'.
le = particle indication completion of an action
The second war is about to begin
Chinese (Taiwan) 又要開戰啦
Yòu yào kāizhàn la
yòu = 'again'.
yào = 'will, to be about to'.
開戰 kāizhàn = 'to start war, to open hostilities'.
la = le + a. le paired with yào means 'about to happen'. a makes this a colloquial declaration, a bit like saying 'Hey, a war's about to start!' in English.
War is about to start again
Japanese 二度目の戦いへ
Nido-me no tatakai e
二度目 nido-me = 'second (time)'.
no = connecting particle
戦い tatakai = 'battle, war'.
e 'to'.
To a second war
Vietnamese Cuộc chiến thứ hai bắt đầu cuộc = classifier/measure word for events or situations.
chiến () = 'fight, struggle'.
thứ hai = 'second'. (thứ = )
bắt đầu = 'to begin, to start'.
The second struggle begins

A straightforward translation, but both Mainland and Taiwanese translators dramatise a little, making it sound like an announcement: 'The Second War's about to begin!'. The Japanese and Vietnamese translations are less dramatic and more literal.

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