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Chapter 8: Snape Victorious


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 斯内普如愿以偿
Sīnèipǔ rú yuàn yǐ cháng
斯内普 Sīnèipǔ = 'Snape'.
如愿以偿 rú yuàn yǐ cháng = 'have one's wish fulfilled'.
Snape's wish fulfilled
Chinese (Taiwan) 石內卜得逞
Shínèibǔ déchéng
石內卜 Shínèibǔ = Snape'.
得逞 déchéng = 'succeed, prevail'.
Snape prevails
Japanese 勝ち誇るスネイプ
Kachi-hokoru Suneipu
勝ち誇る kachi-hokoru = 'be victorious' (勝つ katsu to win' + 誇る hokoru 'to be proud').
スネイプ Suneipu = 'Snape'.
Victorious Snape
Vietnamese Thầy Snape đắc thắng thầy = 'teacher'.
Snape = 'Snape'.
đắc thắng (得勝) = 'win victory, score victory'.
Teacher Snape wins victory

This refers to Snape's victory in gaining the post of teacher of Defence against the Dark Arts.

The Mainland translator refers not to 'victory' for Snape, but the fact that Snape achieved a long-cherished wish.

The term used is 如愿以偿 rú yuàn yǐ cháng. This a pithy expression based on Classical Chinese, a very rich class of vocabulary and one more likely than any other to cause problems for the foreign learner. Chinese speakers are apt to come out with an endless store of expressions in situations where a foreign learner can only lamely come up with an everyday phrase. In this case, the meaning is: = 'as', yuàn = 'want, desire', = 'for', cháng = 'fulfil, satisfy'; 'as desired in fulfilment'.

The Taiwanese translator uses 得逞 déchéng, meaning 'to succeed, prevail, have one's way'.

The Vietnamese translation uses đắc thắng, meaning 'to be victorious, win victory, win the day, carry the day'.

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