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Floo Powder


Chinese (Mainland) 飞路粉
飞路 fēilù = 'fly road' ('speed the way')
-fěn = 'powder'.
Speed-the-road powder
Chinese (Taiwan)


呼嚕 hūlū = 'hulu'.
fěn = 'powder'.
Hulu powder
Japanese 煙突飛行粉フルーパウダー
Entotsu hikō fun (furū paudā)
煙突 entotsu = 'chimney'.
飛行 hikō = 'flight'.
fun = 'powder'.
フルーパウダー furū paudā = 'fulu pauda'.
Chimney flight powder
(Floo powder)
Vietnamese bột Floo bột = 'powder'.
Floo = 'Floo'.
Floo powder
(Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.)

Floo Powder is a magical powder used to access the Floo Network, a human transportation network connecting fireplaces throughout the wizarding world. Floo powder just needs to be thrown into the flames followed by the speaking of the destination name, and the person throwing the powder will be transported to the fireplace of his choice.

'Floo' in English sounds like 'flue', which refers to chimneys and other ventilation apparatus of the fireplace. It also sounds like 'flew'.

The word 'Floo Powder' is handled somewhat differently in each translation.

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