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The Names of Gadgets and Objects in Harry Potter
Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese Translation




Chinese (Mainland) 门钥匙
mén = 'door, gate'.
钥匙 yàoshi= 'key'.
The gate key
Chinese (Taiwan) 港口鑰
港口 gǎngkǒu = 'port, harbour'
yào = 'key'.
The port/harbour key
Japanese 移動ポートキー
Idō kii (pōto kii)
移動 idō = 'movement'.
キー kii = 'key'.
ポート pōto = 'port'.
The movement key (portkey)
Vietnamese Khóa-cảng khóa = 'key'.
cảng () = 'port, harbour'.
The port/harbour key
(Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.)


The portkey is another of those enchanting gadgets that Rowling has invented for Harry Potter's world. It is an item that will instantaneously transport the person who grabs hold of it to a predetermined destination. (See Harry Potter Lexicon)

Although the function of the portkey is clear, the meaning of the made-up word 'portkey' is less so. The main problem is the meaning of the word 'port'.

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