Harry Potter in Chinese, Japanese & Vietnamese Translation


Ghosts (J & V)


(For the romanisation of Japanese, see Transliteration. To understand the writing systems of CJV, see Writing Systems. Note: Vietnamese transliterations are taken from footnotes to the main text.)

Nearly Headless Nick ほとんど首なしニック
Hotondo kubi-nashi Nikku
Nick Suýt Mất Đầu
ほとんど hotondo = 'almost'.
kubi = 'head'.
なし nashi = 'without, lacking'.

suýt = 'almost'.
mất = 'lose'.
đầu = 'head'.
Peeves ピーブズ

The Fat Friar 太った修道士
Futotta Shūdō-shi
Thầy Tu Béo 太った futotta = 'fat'.
修道士 shūdō-shi = 'friar, monk'.

thầy tu = 'monk, priest'.
béo = 'fat'.
Moaning Myrtle 嘆きのマートル
Nageki no Mātoru
ma khóc nhè Myrtle
(Myrtle = Mớc-tồn)

It's amazing how far the sounds of English can wander in other languges.

The recommended pronunciation of the 'r' in 'Myrtle' as 'c' in Vietnamese appears to be due to French influence -- 'c' sounds like the French uvular 'r'. The pronunciation of the final 'l' as 'n' is a result of the sound system of Vietnamese.
The Japanese ignores the 'r', which is not pronounced in British English, and renders the 'l' sound as oru. See the results for yourself.

嘆き Nageki = 'sigh, weep'.

ma = 'ghost'.
khóc = 'weep, cry'.
nhè = 'whimper, snivel'.

The Grey Lady 灰色のレディー
Hai-iro no redii
Bà Xám Japanese means 'Grey-coloured lady', with 'lady' borrowed from English.

Vietnamese translates this literally as 'Grey Lady', or alternatively, 'Mrs Grey'.
The Bloody Baron 血みどろ男爵
Chi-midoro danshaku
Nam tước Đẫm Máu

血みどろ Chi-midoro = 'covered in blood'.
男爵 Danshaku = 'baron'.

Nam tước (男爵) = 'baron' (same root as danshaku).
đẫm = 'soaked, drenched'.
máu = 'blood'.


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