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Bathrobe's cjvlang site originally started in mid-July 2000. 'Pictorial' is a relative latecomer. It was originally part of Spicks & Specks, which was started in the early summer of 2003. The subsite was split off from Spicks and Specks in late 2003 as 'Photos', and later renamed.

These logs begin on 21 December 2003 (starting at the bottom).

7 January 2017 (Ulaanbaatar)

  • Uploaded section on Photos again. For some reason the section disappeared from the site in February 2016, probably due to an oversight or error on my part.

22 June 2013 (Beijing)

  • Deleted two pages (A-Zhen and Budget Hotel in Haikou).
  • Updated Home page

7 May 2013 (Beijing)

6 May 2013 (Beijing)

5 May 2013 (Beijing)

  • Added two pages on Yangcheng and the Inn of Eight Happinesses (about a visit in search of Gladys Aylward). The photos were taken in May 2006, a full seven years ago!

28 December 2007 (Ulaanbaatar)

  • Returned photos of Hainan from "World of Hainan" to Pictorial. Includes some rewriting for clarity.

27 September 2006 (Beijing)

  • Added Adsense above each page title.

20 August 2006 (Beijing)

  • Page layout has been changed and the Milonic Tramline navbar (navbar on the left) implemented.

5 August 2006 (Beijing)

Most sections relating to Hainan have moved to the Photologue section of the World of Hainan.

8 April 2005 (Beijing)

6 April 2005 (Beijing)

8 October 2004 (Beijing)

  • Added links to Milonic at home page.

26 September 2004 (Beijing)

  • Fine tuning of the follow-scrolling menu.

25 September (Beijing)

  • Added follow-scrolling menu using the amazing menu licensed from Milonic. This eliminated frames at a swoop.

3 September 2004 (Beijing)

15 June 2004 (Hainan)

14 June 2004 (Hainan)

10 June 2004 (Hainan)

  • Changed the name of the 'Photos' section to 'Pictorial'.

23 April 2004 (Hainan)

21 March 2004 (Hainan)

17 March 2004 (Hainan)

15 March 2004 (Hainan)

3 March 2004 (Hainan)

2 March 2004 (Hainan)

9 January 2004 (Hainan)

  • Slight rearrangements and deletions of photos in Qizi Bay.

7 January 2004 (Hainan)

6 January 2004 (Hainan)

  • More minor adjustments to Qizi Bay.

5 January 2004 (Hainan)

  • Minor adjustments and corrections to Qizi Bay.

4 January 2004 (Hainan)

  • Uploaded a section on Qizi Bay in western Hainan, which I visited just after Christmas. 13 pages in total, filled with photos.
  • Wrote a brief 'blurb' on the index page, designed to give it some focus.

3 January 2004 (Hainan)

2 January 2004 (Hainan)

21 December 2003 (Hainan)

Oct, Nov, Dec 2003:

The main changes during these three months have been:

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