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The Titles of Magical Books in Harry Potter


Magical Me


Chinese (Mainland) 会魔法的我
Huì mófǎ de wǒ
huì = 'able, can do'.
魔法 mófǎ = 'magic'.
de = connecting particle
= 'I'.
I Who Can Do Magic
Chinese (Taiwan) 神奇的我
Shénqí de wǒ
神奇 shénqí = 'magical'
de = connecting particle
= 'I'.
Magic Me
Japanese 私はマジックだ
Watashi wa majikku da
私は watashi wa = 'I' + topic particle.
マジック majikku = 'magic' (English).
da = 'to be' = 'am'.
I am Magic
Vietnamese Cái tôi mầu nhiệm cái tôi = 'ego'.
mầu nhiệm 'wonder-working'.
The Wonder-working Ego / I

Lockhart's insufferably conceited 'Magical Me' is translated differently in the various translations.

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