Harry Potter in Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese & Mongolian Translation


Chapter 15: The Forbidden Forest


Simplified Chinese (China)
jìn = 'forbidden'.
lín = 'forest'.
Forbidden Forest
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Jìnjì de sēnlín
禁忌 jìnjì = 'taboo'.
de = connecting particle
森林 sēnlín = 'forest'.
Taboo Forest
Kinjirareta mori
禁じる kinjiru = 'forbid' (Past passive, 'to be forbidden').
mori = 'forest'.
Forbidden Forest
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Khu rừng cấm khu () = 'zone'.
rừng = 'forest'.
cấm () = 'forbid'.
Forbidden Forest Zone
Mongolian (previous)
Дархан цаазат ой
Darkhan tsaazat oi
дархан цаазат darkhan tsaazat = 'strictly protected'.
ой oi = 'forest'.
Strictly Protected Forest
Mongolian (new)
Хориотой ой
Khoriotoi oi
хориотой khoriotoi = 'forbidden, prohibited'.
(хорио khorio = 'prohibition, ban' + -той -toi = 'having.')
ой oi = 'forest'.
Forbidden forest

The Forbidden Forest is expressed by a neat two-character word in the Mainland version and by a longer expression in the Taiwanese version.

The form meaning 'forbid', is found in all three languages (Chinese jìn, Japanese kin, and Vietnamese cấm).

The two Mongolian versions take different approaches. The older translation uses a term related to sacred or protected areas. The newer translation refers to a prohibited or forbidden area.

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