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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
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Chapter 3: The Advance Guard


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 先遣警卫
Xiānqiàn jǐngwèi
先遣 xiānqiàn = 'sent in advance'.
警卫 jǐngwèi = 'guard'
The advance guard
Chinese (Taiwan) 保鏢駕到
Bǎobiāo jià-dào
保鏢 bǎobiāo = 'bodyguard, armed escort'.
駕到 jià-dào = 'to arrive, arrival (respectful)'.
The armed escort arrives
Japanese 先発護衛隊
Senpatsu go'ei-tai
先発 senpatsu = 'departing first, advance'.
護衛 go'ei = 'escort'.
-tai = 'squadron, group', etc.
The advance escort group
Vietnamese Đoàn vệ sĩ tiên phong đoàn () = 'group'.
vệ sĩ (衛士) = 'bodyguard, watchman'.
tiên phong (先鋒) = 'advance guard, vanguard'.
The advance bodyguard group

The Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese versions are fairly literal translations, conveying the notion of a group sent in advance, escorting Harry on their broomsticks. Although all use Chinese-style compound words, it is interesting that none come up with identical expressions.

The Taiwanese version talks of the arrival of the armed escort. The term 駕到 jià-dào refers to the arrival of someone important or powerful.

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