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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
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Chapter 14: Percy and Padfoot


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 珀西和大脚板
Pòxī hé Dà-jiǎobǎn
珀西 Pòxī = 'Percy (conventional and phonetic)'.
= 'and'.
大脚板 Dà-jiǎobǎn = 'large foot pad'.
Percy and Large Foot Pad
Chinese (Taiwan) 派西和獸足
Pàixī hé Shòuzú
派西 Pàixī = 'Percy (conventional and phonetic)'.
= 'and'.
獸足 shòuzú = 'beast foot'.
Percy and Beast-foot
Japanese パーシーとパッドフット
Pāshii to Paddofutto
パーシー Pāshii = 'Percy' (phonetic transliteration).
to = 'and'.
パッドフット Paddofutto = 'Padfoot' (phonetic transliteration).
Percy and Padfoot
Vietnamese Percy và Chân Nhồi Bông Percy = 'Percy' (pronounced Pơ-xi).
= 'and'.
Chân Nhồi Bông = 'cotton-padded foot' = 'Padfoot'.
Percy and Padfoot

Percy is Ron Weasley's older brother; 'Padfoot' is Sirius Black's name when he turns into a big black dog. The chapter title is alliterative in English (and therefore Japanese) but not Chinese or Vietnamese. See Names in Harry Potter.

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