Harry Potter in Chinese, Japanese & Vietnamese Translation


Chapter 17: Educational Decree Number Twenty-four


Simplified Chinese (China)
Dì èr-shí-sì hào jiàoyù lìng
= 'number' (ordinal)
二十四 èr-shí-sì = '24'.
hào = 'number'
教育 jiàoyù = 'education'.
lìng = 'command, order, decree'.
24th Educational decree
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Jiàoyù zhāngchéng èr-shí-sì tiáo
教育 jiàoyù = 'education'.
章程 zhāngchéng = 'rules, regulations, constitution'.
= 'number' (ordinal)
二十四 èr-shí-sì = '24'.
tiáo = 'item, article (of regulation)'.
Educational regulation no. 24
Kyōiku-rei nijūyon-gō
教育 kyōiku = 'education'.
-rei = 'command, order, decree'.
二十四 nijūyon = '24'.
-gō 'number'.
Educational decree no. 24
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Đạo luật Giáo dục số Hai mươi bổn đạo luật (possibly 道律 or 導律) = 'law, act'.
giáo dục (教育) = 'education'.
số () = 'number'.
hai mươi bổn = '24'.
Educational act no. 24

A straightforward translation. 'Education' is the same in all translations. 'Decree' is translated with some variation between the different languages. Note also that 'number' is translated somewhat differently in each language.

Of the four versions, only the Mainland Chinese version places the ordinal before the noun. The others place it after 'educational decree' as in English.

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