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Chapter 24: Occlumency


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 大脑封闭术
Dànǎo fēngbì-shù
大脑 dànǎo = 'cerebrum, brain'.
封闭 fēngbì = 'to seal, close'
shù = 'technique'.
Cerebral closing technique
Chinese (Taiwan) 鎖心術
suǒ = 'lock'.
xīn = 'heart, mind'.
shù = 'technique'.
Mind locking technique
Japanese 閉心術
hei = 'close'.
shin = 'heart, mind'.
-jutsu = 'art, technique'.
Mind closing technique
Vietnamese Bế quan bí thuật bế quan (閉關) = 'to close' (a frontier).
bí thuật (秘術) = 'secret technique'.
Secret closing technique

'Occlumency' is the technique of closing the mind to outside probes and influences. It seems related to 'occlude' (to close) and 'mentis' (the mind).

The Chinese translator quite literally translates this as the 'technique of closing the brain (or cerebrum)'. The Taiwanese translator rather more succinctly renders it as 'lock heart/mind technique'. The Japanese uses a very similar translation referring to a 'close heart/mind technique'.

The Vietnamese translator interprets the expression as a 'secret technique for closing' something off, without specifying that this refers to closing the mind.

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