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Chapter 23: Christmas on the Closed Ward


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 封闭病房中的圣诞节
Fēngbì bìngfáng-zhōng de shèngdàn-jié
封闭 fēngbì = 'sealed, closed'.
病房 bìngfáng = 'sick room' = 'ward'.
zhōng = 'centre, inside'.
de = connecting particle
圣诞节 shèngdàn-jié = 'holy birth festival' = 'Christmas'.
Christmas in the closed ward
Chinese (Taiwan) 隔離病房的聖誕
Gèlí bìngfáng de shèngdàn
隔離 gèlí = 'isolation, quarantine'.
病房 bìngfáng = 'sick room' = 'ward'.
de = connecting particle
聖誕 shèngdàn = 'holy birth' = 'Christmas'.
Isolation ward Christmas
Japanese 隔離病棟のクリスマス
Kakuri byōtō no Kurisumasu
隔離 kakuri = 'isolation'.
病棟 byōtō = 'ward'.
no = connecting particle
クリスマス Kurisumasu = 'Christmas (from English)'.
Isolation ward Christmas
Vietnamese Giáng Sinh trong phòng kín Giáng Sinh (降生) = 'Christmas'.
trong = 'in'.
phòng kín (phòng : ) = 'closed room'.
Christmas in the closed room

These are quite direct translations of the English. The Taiwanese is briefer than the Mainland version and quite rightly interprets the 'closed ward' as an 'isolation ward', as does Japanese.

The Vietnamese version refers to Christmas spent in a phòng kín, a 'closed room', which sounds more like a locker room than a hospital ward.

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