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Chapter 22: St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries


Simplified Chinese (China)
Shèng Mánggē Mófǎ Shāngbìng Yīyuàn
shèng = 'sacred, holy, saint'.
芒戈 Mánggē = 'Mungo (phonetic)'
魔法 mófǎ = 'magic'.
伤病 shāngbìng = 'injury and sickness'.
医院 yīyuàn = 'hospital'.
Saint Mungo's hospital for magical injuries and illnesses
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Shèng Měngguǒ Mófǎ Jíbìng yǔ Shānghài Yīyuàn
shèng = 'sacred, holy, saint'.
蒙果 Měngguǒ = 'Mungo (phonetic)'.
魔法 mófǎ= 'magic'.
疾病 jíbìng = 'illness, disease'.
= 'and (formal)'.
傷害 shānghài = 'injury'.
醫院 yīyuàn = 'hospital'.
Saint Mungo's hospital for magical illnesses and injuries
Sei Mango Mahō Shikkan Shōgai Byōin
sei = 'saint'.
マンゴ Mango = 'Mungo (phonetic).
魔法 mahō = 'magic'.
疾患 shikkan = 'disease, ailment'.
障害 shōgai = 'wound, injury'.
病院 byōin = 'hospital'.
Saint Mungo's hospital for magical diseases and injuries
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Bệnh viện Thánh Mungo Chuyên trị Thương tích và Bệnh tật Pháp thuật bệnh viện (病院) = 'hospital'.
thánh () = 'saint'.
Mungo = 'Mungo'.
chuyên trị (專治) = 'specialist in'.
thương tích (傷跡) = 'wound, injury'.
= 'and'.
bệnh tật (疾病) = 'illness'.
pháp thuật (法術) = 'magic'.
St Mungo's hospital specialising in magical wounds and illnesses.

Saint Mungo's follows the normal Chinese and Japanese convention of naming 'saints' with the character shèng (simplified ), sei in Japanese. In Vietnamese this is thánh. 'Mungo' is, of course, rendered phonetically.

'Maladies and Injuries' is very succinct in the Chinese Mainland version, as 伤病 shāng-bìng (literally, 'injury-illness'), less so in the Taiwanese, Japanese, and Vietnamese versions.

St Mungo is an actual historical figure from 6th-7th century Britain. He is supposed to have founded Glasgow (of which he is the patron saint), so Rowling's inclusion of a St Mungo's hospital is an appropriate tip of the hat to her native Scotland. St Mungo's can be found in the names of cathedrals, churches, schools, and museums, and is also the name of an organisation for the homeless in London. For an account of St Mungo's life, see The Scotland Guide - Glasgow: St Mungo and the Glasgow Coat of Arms, St Mungo and Cathedral of St Mungo.

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