Harry Potter in Chinese, Japanese & Vietnamese Translation


Chapter 21: The Eye of the Snake


Simplified Chinese (China)
shé = 'snake'.
yǎn = 'eye'.
The snake eye
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Yǐ shé zhī yǎn
= 'by means of' (instrumental).
shé = 'snake'.
zhī = connecting particle (classical).
yǎn = 'eye'.
Through the snake's eye
Hebi no me
hebi = 'snake'.
no = connecting particle
me = 'eye'.
The eye of the snake
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Mắt rắn mắt = 'eye'.
rắn = 'snake'.
The eye of the snake

This is the eye of the snake Nagini through which Harry viewed certain terrifying events in a dream. It is translated literally into Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese. The Taiwanese version indicates that it was through the eyes of a snake that Harry saw.

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