Harry Potter in Chinese, Japanese & Vietnamese Translation


Chapter 20: Hagrid's Tale


Simplified Chinese (China)
Hǎigé de gùshì
海格 Hǎigé  = 'Hagrid'.
de = connecting particle
故事 gùshì = 'story, tale'.
Hagrid's story
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Hǎigé shuō gù-shì
海格 Hǎigé  = 'Hagrid'.
shuō = 'to tell, speak, say'.
故事 gù-shì = 'story, tale'.
Hagrid tells his story
Haguriddo no monogatari
ハグリッド Haguriddo = 'Hagrid (phonetic)'.
no = connecting particle
物語 monogatari = 'story'.
Hagrid's story
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Chuyện của bác Hagrid chuyện = 'conversation, story'.
của= connecting particle
bác = 'uncle'.
Hagrid = 'Hagrid' (pronounced Hả-gờ-rịt).
Hagrid's story

Hagrid's reappearance and a telling of what happened to him. See Staff names in Harry Potter. The Chinese and Japanese version's are quite literal. The Taiwanese version is more explanatory, saying that Hagrid 'tells' his tale.

Notice that the Vietnamese requires that Hagrid's status should be identified (bác, used for men of one's father generation).

See also: Kreacher's Tale, The Tale of the Three Brothers, and The Prince's Tale.

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