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Chapter 10: Kreacher's Tale


Simplified Chinese (China)
Kèlìqiè de gùshì
克利切 Kèlìqiè = 'Kreacher'.
de = connecting particle
故事 gùshì = 'story, tale'.
Kreacher's story
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Guàijiǎo de gàobái
怪角 Guàijiǎo= 'Kreacher'.
de = connecting particle
告白 gàobái = 'confession'.
Kreacher's confession
Kuriichā kataru
クリーチャー Kuriichā = 'Kreacher'.
語る kataru = 'to speak, to tell a tale'.
Kreacher tells a tale
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Câu chuyện của Kreacher câu chuyện = 'tale, story'.
của = 'of'.
Kreacher = 'Kreacher'.
Kreacher's story

In the Taiwanese version, Kreacher's story becomes a 'confession'.

In the Japanese, 'story' is converted into a verb, 語る kataru 'to speak, to tell a tale'. The chapter title means 'Kreacher tells his story'. Note that the subject particle ga is omitted.

See also: Hagrid's Tale, The Tale of the Three Brothers, and The Prince's Tale.

(Detailed notes on the chapter can be found at Harry Potter Lexicon.)

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