Harry Potter in Chinese, Japanese & Vietnamese Translation


Chapter 28: Snape's Worst Memory


Simplified Chinese (China)
Sīnèipǔ zuì tòng-kǔ de jìyì
斯内普 Sīnèipǔ = 'Snape'.
zuì = 'most'.
痛苦 tòngkǔ = 'painful, distressing'.
de = connecting particle
记忆 jìyì = 'memory'.
Snape's most painful memory
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Shínèibǔ de yǐnsī
石內卜 Sīnèipǔ = 'Snape'.
de = connecting particle
隱私 yǐnsī = 'secret, privacy'.
Snape's secret
Suneipu no sai-aku no kioku
スネイプ Suneipu = 'Snape (phonetic)'.
no = connecting particle
最悪 sai-aku = 'worst'.
no = connecting particle
記憶 kioku = 'memory'.
Snape's worst memory
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Ký ức tệ nhất của thầy Snape ký ức (記憶) = 'memory'.
tệ nhất = 'worst of all' (colloquial).
của = connecting particle
thầy = 'teacher' (term of respect).
Snape = 'Snape' (pronounced Xi-nạp according to footnote).
Teacher Snape's worst memory.

The Mainland, Japanese, and Vietnamese versions are relatively straightforward translations. The Taiwanese version lays the emphasis on the secret nature of Snape's memory, which Snape hides from Harry by placing it in the Penseive.

For Snape and other names, see Names of Staff.

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