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Chapter 29: Careers Advice


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 就业咨询
Jiùyè zīxún
就业 jiùyè = 'find employment, take up an occupation'.
咨询 zīxún = 'consulting, advice'.
Employment advice
Chinese (Taiwan) 就業諮詢
Jiùyè zīxún
就業 jiùyè = 'find employment, take up an occupation'.
諮詢 zīxún = 'consulting, advice'.
Employment advice
Japanese 進路指導
Shinro shidō
進路 shinro = 'course, way (ahead)'.
指導 shidō = 'guidance'.
Career guidance
Vietnamese Cố vấn nghề nghiệp cố vấn (顧問) = 'advisor, counsellor'.
nghề nghiệp = 'profession, occupation, trade'.
Occupational counsellor

'Careers advice' is fairly standard in English in referring to advice to students on which career they should choose. The Chinese is a little more specific (and, one feels, more honest), referring to advice on 'getting a job'.

The Japanese term 進路指導 shinro shidō is standard for guidance or advice given by schools to help students decide what to do after graduation.

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