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Chapter 34: The Department of Mysteries


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 神秘事务司
Shénmì Shìwù Sī
神秘 shénmì = 'mystery'.
事务 shìwù = 'affairs, matters'.
= 'department'.
Department of mysterious affairs
Chinese (Taiwan) 神秘部門
Shénmì Bùmén
神秘 shénmì = 'mystery'.
部門 bùmén = 'department, section, branch'.
Mystery section
Japanese 神秘部
神秘 shinpi = 'mystery'.
-bu 'section'.
Mystery section
Vietnamese Sở Bảo mật sở () = 'office, bureau, department'.
bảo mật (保密) = 'security, preservation of secrecy'.
Department for preservation of secrets

This is a department within the Ministry of Magic (see Chapter 7).

The Mainland translation invents a very convincing name which sounds just like the name of a real department. Chinese government ministries are divided into either or , which are of equivalent rank.

The Taiwanese and Japanese translators fairly literally translate the 'Department of Mysteries' as 'Mystery section' or 'Mysterious section'.

The Vietnamese translator interprets the Department of Mysteries more prosaically as a department for the preservation of secrecy.

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