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Chapter 17: A Sluggish Memory


Simplified Chinese (China)
Hùndùn de jìyì
混沌 hùndùn = 'chaotic, muddled'.
de = connecting particle
记忆 jìyì = 'memory'.
The muddled memory
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Shǐlā-shì huíyì
史拉式 Shǐlā-shì = 'Slug-style'.
回憶 huíyì = 'memory'.
The Slug-style memory
Namekuji noro-noro no kioku
ナメクジ namekuji = 'garden slug'.
のろのろ noro-noro = 'slow moving, sluggish' (onomatopaeic word).
no = connecting particle
記憶 kioku = 'memory'.
The garden-slug slow-moving memory
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Một ký ức bị nhiễu một = 'a'.
ký ức (記憶) = 'memory'.
bị () = 'be subject to'.
= 'interference'.
An interfered-with memory

Like Chapter 7, this is a reference to Horace Slughorn. A sluggish memory is a memory that is slow, lethargic, and difficult to arouse. The 'sluggish' memory in question is Slughorn's memory of what he said to the young Tom Riddle, which he himself modified in order to blot it out.

A closer look at translators' attempts to render this pun, along with those at Chapters 4 and 7, can be found at Slughorn, Slug Club, Sluggish (Wordplay section).

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