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Chapter 30: The White Tomb


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 白色坟墓
Báisè fénmù
白色 báisè = 'white-coloured'.
坟墓 fénmù = 'grave, tomb'.
The white tomb
Chinese (Taiwan) 白色陵墓
Báisè língmù
白色 báisè = 'white-coloured'.
陵墓 língmù = 'mausoleum, tomb'.
The white tomb
Japanese 白い墓
Shiroi haka
白い shiroi = 'white'.
haka = 'grave'.
The white grave
Vietnamese Ngôi mộ trắng ngôi = classifier for graves, etc.
mộ () = 'grave'.
trắng = 'white'.
The white grave

A direct translation in all versions. In Chinese, the word 陵墓 língmù 'mausoleum, tomb' sounds somewhat grander than 坟墓 fénmù 'grave, tomb'.

Note that the Vietnamese word mộ 'grave' requires a classifier, an example of the widespread use of classifiiers/measure words in Vietnamese.

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