Harry Potter in Chinese, Japanese & Vietnamese Translation


Chapter 31: The Battle of Hogwarts


Simplified Chinese (China)
Huògéwòcí de zhàndòu
霍格沃茨 Huògéwòcí = 'Hogwarts'.
de = connecting particle
战斗 zhàndòu = 'battle'.
The battle of Hogwarts
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Huògéhuázī dà-zhàn
霍格華茲 Huògéhuázī = 'Hogwarts'.
大戰 dà-zhàn = 'great battle'.
The great battle of Hogwarts
ホグワーツの戦い ホグワーツ Hoguwātsu = 'Hogwarts'.
no = connecting particle
戦い tatakai = 'battle, fight'.
The battle of Hogwarts
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Chiến trường Hogwarts chiến trường (戰場) = 'battlefield'.
Hogwarts = 'Hogwarts'.
The Hogwarts battlefield

All slightly different words for 'battle'.

(Detailed notes on the chapter can be found at Harry Potter Lexicon)

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