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The Hand of Glory


Chinese (Mainland) 光荣之手
Guāngróng zhī shǒu
光荣 guāngróng = 'honour, glory, distinction'.
zhī = connecting particle (literary, equivalent to de).
shǒu = 'hand'.
Hand of glory
Chinese (Taiwan) 光榮之手
Guāngróng zhī shǒu
光榮 guāngróng = 'honour, glory, distinction'.
zhī = connecting particle (literary, equivalent to de).
shǒu = 'hand'.
Hand of glory
Japanese 輝きの手
Kagayaki no te
輝き kagayaki = 'light, shining, radiance'.
no = connecting particle
te = 'hand'.
Hand of radiance
Vietnamese Bàn tay của Vinh quang
Bàn tay = 'hand'.
của = 'of'.
Vinh quang (榮光) = 'glory'.
Hand of glory
(Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.)

An article on display in Borgin and Burkes, one of the larger and finer establishments in Knockturn Alley, the Hand of Glory is a withered hand on a cushion (See Book 2 Chapter 4). A candle inserted in it gives light only to the bearer, making it ideal for thieves and plunderers. Not surprisingly, Draco Malfoy was immediately attracted.

The four translations are all fairly straightforward. The Japanese version uses the word 輝き kagayaki (from 輝く kagayaku 'to shine, be radiant'), emphasising the light-giving properties of the hand.

The idea of a candle giving light only to the bearer may be a creative twist added by Rowling herself. Originally, the Hand of Glory appears to have been a withered hand used by thieves to ensure that everyone in the house was asleep. The candles on the fingers of the hand, or even the fingers themselves were lit. If all the candles or fingers could be lit, then everyone was fast asleep; if one refused to light up it meant that someone was still awake. The Hand of Glory was made from the hand of a felon hanged on the gallows. See The Hand of Glory and Witchcraft, The Hand of Glory, and The Hand of Glory and other Gory Legends about Human Hands.

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