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An Anthology of Eighteenth Century Charms



Simplified Chinese (China)
Shíbā shìjì mózhòu xuǎn
十八 shíbā = '18'.
世纪 shìjì = 'century'.
魔咒 mózhòu = 'magic incantation'.
xuǎn = 'selection, anthology'.
Anthology of 18th Century Incantations
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Shíbā shìjì fúzhòu xuǎnjí
十八 shíbā = '18'.
世紀 shìjì = 'century'.
符咒 fúzhòu = 'Daoist magic figures/incantations'.
選集 xuǎnjí = 'selected works, anthology'.
Anthology of 18th Century Charms and Incantations
Jū-hasseiki no jumon senshū
十八 jūhachi = '18'.
世紀 seiki = 'century'.
no = connecting particle
呪文 jumon = 'spell, curse'.
選集 senshū = 'selection, anthology'.
Anthology of 18th Century Spells
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Tuyển Tập Bùa Phép Thế kỷ Mười Tám tuyển tập (選集) = 'collected works, anthology'.
bùa phép = 'magic charm'.
thế kỷ (世紀) = 'century'.
mười tám = '18'.
Anthology of 18th Century Magic Charms

Shared Vocabulary:

Both 世纪 shìjì 'century' and 選集 xuǎnjí 'anthology' are shared by all three languages as part of their common stock of Chinese vocabulary. (The Mainland version uses the shorter form xuǎn found in book titles, e.g. 唐诗选 Táng Shī Xuǎn 'Selection of Tang Poetry').


A 'charm' in English can refer either to (1) a spoken spell or incantation or (2) a physical amulet or tally used for protection.

    The Simplified Chinese (China) and Japanese versions use words referring to oral incantations (魔咒 mózhòu and 呪文 jumon).

    Vietnamese chooses the physical interpretation with bùa phép, which refers to magical symbols written on wood, paper, or cloth.

    The Taiwanese version manages to incorporate both interpretations with the word 符咒 fú-zhou, consisting of the character meaning 'magic figures drawn by Taoist (Daoist) priests to invoke or expel spirits and bring good or ill fortune', and the character zhòu meaning 'spells and incantations'. For more information on Daoist talismans, see this site: Talismans, Registers and Magic Skills (part of the Taoist Culture and Information Centre).

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