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Asiatic Anti-Venoms



Simplified Chinese (China)
Yàzhōu kàngdú dàquán
亚洲 Yàzhōu = 'Asia'.
抗毒 kàngdú = 'anti-toxic'.
大全 dàquán = '(literally) large complete' = 'compendium'.
Complete Asian anti-venom
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Yàzhōu shòudú jiěyào dàquán
亞洲 Yàzhōu = 'Asia'.
獸毒 shòudú = 'animal poison' = 'venom'.
解藥 jiěyào = 'dispelling medicine = antidote'.
大全 dàquán = '(literally) large complete' = 'compendium'.
Complete Asian animal poison antidote
Tōyō no gedoku-zai
東洋 Tōyō = 'Orient'.
no = connecting particle
解毒 gedoku = 'anti-poison, antidotal'.
-zai 'material'.
Oriental anti-poisons
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Ngăn ngừa Nọc độc Á châu ngăn ngừa = 'to protect, preserve from, prevent'.
nọc độc = 'venom'.
Á châu (亞洲) = 'Asia'.
Asian venom protection


'Asiatic' has the same meaning as 'Asian', but has slightly different overtones. Whereas 'Asian' is neutral, 'Asiatic' is slightly old-fashioned and, if anything, more suggestive of the exotic, alien aspects of Asia. Rowling uses the term deliberately. 'Asian Anti-Venoms' wouldn't sound quite the same.

    There is no distinction between 'Asiatic' and 'Asian' in Chinese, both being translatable as 亚洲 (亞洲) Yàzhōu. Vietnamese also uses the cognate word for 'Asia', Á châu.

    The Japanese translator avoids the problem of 'Asian/Asiatic' by substituting the word 東洋 Tōyō 'Oriental', which carries many of the exotic overtones of 'Asiatic'.


'Venom' is a poisonous substance used to counter the effects of venom, a poison secreted by animals, although in broader use it can refer to any poisonous substance. In the real world, an anti-venom is often called an 'anti-venin' or 'anti-venine', a substance used for treating snake bites, etc.

    In the Mainland Chinese version 'anti-venom' is translated as 'anti-toxic', making it somewhat broader than the English. A toxin is any kind of poisonous substance whereas venom is a toxin produced by snakes and similar animals. 抗毒 kàngdú ('anti-toxic') may refer to either substances or techniques for treating toxins.

    Like the Mainland Chinese version, the Vietnamese version refers in the abstract to substances or methods of countering venoms. It uses the word nọc độc which specifically refers to a 'venom', not a broader toxin.

    In Taiwanese translation, the book deals with 解藥 jiě-yào, 'a dispelling/removing medicine' (or 'antidote') to treat toxins from wild animals (獸毒 shòu-dú 'animal poison'). The word 解藥 jiě-yào specifically refers to a substance.

    The Japanese translator uses 解毒剤 gedoku-zai, a substance for countering poisons in general, not confined to venoms.

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