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Handbook of Hippogriff Psychology



Simplified Chinese (China)
Yīngtóu-mǎshēn-yǒuyì-shòu xīnlǐ shǒucè
鹰头马身有翼兽 yīngtóu-mǎshēn-yǒuyì-shòu = 'hawk-headed, horse-bodied, winged beast' = 'hippogriff'.
心理 xīnlǐ = 'psychology'.
手册 shǒucè = 'handbook'.
Hippogriff Psychology Handbook
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Yīngmǎ xīnlǐ-xué shǒucè
鷹馬 yīngmǎ = 'hawk-horse' = 'hippogriff'.
心理學 xīnlǐ-xué = 'psychology'.
手冊 shǒucè= 'handbook'.
Hippogriff Psychology Handbook
Hippogurifu no shinri
ヒッポグリフ hippogurifu = 'hippogriff'.
no = connecting particle
心理 shinri = 'psychology'.
Psychology of Hippogriffs
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Sổ Tay Về Tâm Lý Bằng-Mã sổ tay = 'handbook'.
về = 'concerning, about'.
tâm lý (心理) = 'psychology'.
Bằng-mã (鵬馬) = 'eagle horse' = 'hippogriff'.
Handbook on Hippogriff Psychology


Hippogriffs are creatures with the head of an eagle and the body of a horse. The name is from 'hippo' (Greek for 'horse') and 'griffon' (or griffin or gryphon), an ancient Greek creature with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. It is translated as:

    Simplified Chinese (China): 鹰头马身有翼兽 yīngtóu-mǎshēn-yǒuyì-shòu= 'hawk-headed, horse-bodied, winged beast'. While self-explanatory and descriptive, this can only be described as an overly long and clumsy rendition.

    Traditional Chinese (Taiwan): 鷹馬 yīngmǎ 'hawk horse'. This is a more succinct and manageable translation that captures the essential meaning of the Greek derivation.

    Japanese: ヒッポグリフ hippogurifu. This is a direct transliteration of the English. It would be difficult to create an acceptable translation of 'hippogriff' using either native Japanese or Chinese elements.

    Vietnamese: Bằng-mã (鵬馬) = 'eagle horse'. The Vietnamese translator has rendered the word using two Chinese-derived elements. The word bằng means 'eagle' in Vietnamese, ultimately derived from the Chinese péng, which refers to a huge mythical bird often translated as a 'roc'.


'Psychology', part of the vocabulary of modern Western science, is the same word in all languages: 心理 xīnlǐ in Chinese, 心理 shinri in Japanese, and tâm lý in Vietnamese. The meaning is 'principle/theory of the heart/mind'.

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