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Men Who Love Dragons Too Much


Chinese (Mainland) 溺爱龙的人
Nì'ài lóng de rén
溺爱 nì'ài = 'spoil, dote on'.
lóng = 'dragon'.
de = connecting particle
rén = 'person'.
People who dote on dragons
Chinese (Taiwan) 為龍癡迷的人
Wèi lóng chīmí de rén
wèi = 'for'.
lóng = 'dragon'.
癡迷 chīmí = 'infatuated, obsessed, crazy'.
de = connecting particle
rén = 'person'.
People who are crazy about dragons
Japanese ドラゴンを愛しすぎる男たち
Doragon o aishi-sugiru otoko-tachi
ドラゴンを doragon o = 'dragon' + object particle
愛しすぎる aishi-sugiru = 'to love too much', formed from the verb 愛する ai-suru 'to love' + the auxiliary verb すぎる sugiru = '(to do something) to excess'.
男たち otoko-tachi = 'men' ('man' + plural marker).
Men who love dragons too much
Vietnamese Những Người Khoái Rồng Quá Cỡ những = plural marker
người = 'person'.
khoái = 'be glad, happy'.
rồng = 'dragon'.
quá cỡ = 'over much'.
People who are overly pleased with dragons

The author's wicked sense of humour comes into play here. The name is modelled on books with titles like 'Women Who Love Men Too Much'.

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