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From Egg to Inferno, A Dragon Keeper's Guide



Simplified Chinese (China)

Cóng fūdàn dào nièpán

Yǎng lóng zhǐnán

cóng = 'from'.
孵蛋 fūdàn = 'hatch-egg' = 'egg-hatching'.
dào = 'to'.
涅槃 nièpán = 'nirvana'.

养龙 yǎng lóng = 'keep dragon' = 'dragon-keeping'.
指南 zhǐnán = 'guide'.

1. From Hatching to Nirvana

2. Guide to Keeping Dragons

Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 從孵育到噴火 — 養龍手冊
Cóng fūyù dào pēnhuǒ — yǎng lóng shǒucè
cóng = 'from'.
孵育 fūyù = 'hatching and raising'.
dào = 'to'.
噴火 pēnhuǒ = 'shooting fire'.
養龍 yǎng lóng = 'keep dragon'.
手冊 shǒucè = 'handbook'.
From Hatching to Spouting Fire — Handbook of Keeping Dragons
Japanese ドラゴンの飼い方 — 卵から焦熱地獄まで
Doragon no kai-kata — tamago kara shōnetsu jigoku made
ドラゴン doragon = 'dragon'.
no = connecting particle
飼い方 kai-kata = 'method of keeping', (飼う kau = 'to raise, keep').
卵から tamago = 'egg' + kara 'from' = 'from egg'.
焦熱 shōnetsu = 'burning, fiery'.
地獄 jigoku = 'hell'.
まで made = 'to, as far as' (together the above three mean 'to fiery hell'.)
How to Keep Dragons — from Egg to Fiery Hell
Vietnamese Từ trứng đến khạc lửa — hướng dẫn dành cho người nuôi rồng từ () = 'from'.
trứng = 'egg'.
đến = 'to'.
khạc = 'to spit'.
lửa = 'fire'.
hướng dẫn (嚮引) = 'guide'.
dành cho = 'specially for'.
người = 'person'.
nuôi = 'to keep, raise'.
rồng = 'dragon'.
From Egg to Spitting Fire — Handbook Specially for Dragon Keepers


The translation of 'inferno' is interesting. Inferno was, of course, hell in Dante's Divine Comedy. It is now identified with the raging fires of hell. The implication is that the adult dragon will turn its owner's environment into a raging fire. The Japanese translator comes closest to the idea of the fires of hell. The Chinese translator uses a Buddhist term meaning 'nirvana'. Although it has the meaning 'death', 'nirvana' doesn't quite convey the idea of an inferno. The Taiwanese and Vietnamese translators come closer when they refer to the dragon's habit of breathing or spitting fire.

The Mainland Chinese translator mistakenly divides this book into two separate titles.

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