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Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit


Chinese (Mainland) 为消遣和盈利而养龙
Wèi xiāoqiǎn hé yínglì ér yǎng lóng
为...而 wèi....... ér: a formal construction meaning 'do something for the purpose of'. In this case:
wéi 'for the purpose, sake of' is placed before the objective, i.e., 'pleasure and profit'.
ér is then placed before the means, i.e., 'raising dragons'.
消遣 xiāoqiǎn ='leisure'.
= 'and'.
盈利 yínglì = 'profit'.
养龙 yǎng lóng = 'to keep dragon' = 'dragon-keeping'.
Keeping Dragons for Leisure and Profit
Chinese (Taiwan) 養龍的快樂與利潤
Yǎng lóng de kuàilè yǔ lìrùn
養龍 yǎng lóng = 'to keep dragon' = 'dragon-keeping'.
de = connecting particle
快樂 kuàilè = 'pleasure'.
= 'and'.
利潤 lìrùn = 'profit'.
The Pleasure and Profit of Keeping Dragons
Japanese 趣味と実益を兼ねたドラゴンの育て方
Shumi to jitsueki o kaneta doragon no sodate-kata
趣味 shumi = 'hobby, interest'.
to = 'and'.
実益を jitsueki o = 'actual profit' + object particle
兼ねた kaneta = 'combine' (past tense in form, acts as modifier to 'method of raising dragons', equivalent in English to saying 'method ... which combines'). 兼ねる kaneru = 'to combine, hold two jobs etc. simultaneously'.
ドラゴン doragon = 'dragon'
no = connecting particle
育て方 sodate-kata = 'method of raising'. 育てる sodateru = 'raise' + -kata 'method'.
(Best read from the end, starting from 'Method of raising')
Method of Raising Dragons combining Hobby and Profit
Vietnamese Nuôi rồng để giải trí và kinh doanh nuôi = 'to keep, raise'.
rồng = 'dragon'.
để = 'for'.
giải trí (解智) = 'diversion'.
= 'and'.
kinh doanh (經營) = 'business'.
Keeping Dragons for Diversion and Business

All four translations use a different choice of words to express 'pleasure' and 'profit' (all, incidentally, of Chinese etymology, although Vietnamese giải trí is analysed as 解智, a compound that is virtually unknown in Chinese).

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