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Hogwarts, A History


Chinese (Mainland) 霍格沃茨,一段校史
Huògéwòcí, yī-duàn xiàoshǐ
霍格沃茨 Huògéwòcí = 'Hogwarts'.
一段 yīduàn = 'a segment'.
校史 xiàoshǐ = 'school' + 'history' = 'school history'.
A School History of Hogwarts
Chinese (Taiwan) 霍格華茲,一段歷史
Huògéhuázī, yī-duàn lìshǐ
霍格華茲 Huògéhuázī = 'Hogwarts'.
一段 yīduàn = 'a segment'.
歷史 lìshǐ = 'history'.
A History of Hogwarts
Japanese ホグワーツの歴史
Hoguwātsu no rekishi
ホグワーツ Hoguwātsu = 'Hogwarts'.
no = connecting particle
歴史 rekishi = 'history'.
The History of Hogwarts
Vietnamese Lịch sử Hogwarts

Hogwarts, Một Lịch Sử
lịch sử (歷史) = 'history'.
Hogwarts (pronounced Học-vợt)
một = 'one'.
The History of Hogwarts /
Hogwarts, A History

The standard word for 'history' is 歷史 / 历史 lìshǐ, 歴史 rekishi, or lịch sử. By creating a two-character compound, the Mainland translation shows that this is not just any old 'history' (历史 lìshǐ), but specifically a 'school history' 校史 xiàoshǐ!

The Vietnamese version uses two different translations at different occurrences of the book.

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