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Chapter 11: The Duelling Club


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 决斗俱乐部
Juédòu jùlèbù
决斗 juédòu = 'decisive struggle' = 'duel'.
俱乐部 jùlèbù = 'club'
The duelling club
Chinese (Taiwan) 決鬥社
決鬥 juédòu = 'decisive struggle' = 'duel'.
shè = 'society, club'.
The duelling society
Japanese 決闘クラブ
Kettō kurabu
決闘 kettō = = 'decisive struggle' = 'duel'.
クラブ kurabu = 'club'.
The duelling club
Vietnamese Câu lạc bộ đấu tay đôi câu lạc bộ (俱樂部) = 'club'.
đấu () = 'fight, battle against'.
tay đôi = 'two (together)'
The duelling club

Duel: Chinese and Japanese use the same word for 'duel'. Dòu or is written with three different variants (, , and ) of the same character meaning 'struggle'. Vietnamese uses đấu, also related to , meaning 'to fight or battle against', along with tay đôi, an expression that means 'two (together)' and is often used in relation to 'single combat' and 'bilateral policies'. Together đấu tay đôi means 'single combat'.

Club: The Mainland Chinese and Japanese versions both use the English word 'club'. The Chinese 俱乐部 jùlèbù is a relatively successful example of Chinese characters used to write an English borrowing, although the pronunciation is somewhat removed from 'club'. The meaning is 'have + pleasure + department'.

Although it doesn't look like it, the Vietnamese word câu lạc bộ is also related to the English word 'club'. Instead of borrowing directly from English, Vietnamese has borrowed the word indirectly via Chinese -- câu lạc bộ is the Vietnamese pronunciation of the Chinese word 俱樂部 / 俱乐部!

The Taiwanese translator translates 'club' as shè ('society, club') which is commonly used in the names of clubs and associations at Taiwanese high schools and universities (thanks to Zeyoung Liou for pointing this out).

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