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Chapter 14: Cornelius Fudge


Simplified Chinese (China)
Kāngnàilì Fújí
康奈利 Kāngnàilì = 'Cornelius'.
福吉 Fújí = 'Fudge'.
Cornelius Fudge
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Kāngníliúsī Fūzǐ
康尼留斯 Kāngníliúsī = 'Cornelius'.
夫子 Fūzǐ = 'Fudge' (also 'master').
Cornelius Fudge (Master Cornelius)
Kōneriusu Fajji
コーネリウス Kōneriusu = 'Cornelius'.
ファッジ Fajji = 'Fudge'.
Cornelius Fudge
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Cornelius Fudge Cornelius Fudge (pronunciation in footnote: Coọc-neo-lớt Phớt). Cornelius Fudge
Mongolian (previous)
Корнелиус Фюж
Kornelius Fyuj
Корнелиус Kornelius = 'Cornelius'.
Фюж Fyuj = 'Fudge'.
Cornelius Fudge
Mongolian (new)
Корнелиус Фаж
Kornelius Faj
Корнелиус Kornelius = 'Cornelius'.
Фаж Faj = 'Fudge'.
Cornelius Fudge

'Cornelius Fudge' is rendered phonetically in all versions except the Vietnamese, which retains the English spelling. The name is possibly related to the sweet known as a fudge and, more probably to the verb 'to fudge', which means 'to present or deal with an issue in a vague or inadequate way, especially so as to conceal the truth or mislead', something that Fudge was very good at doing.

    There does not appear to be a standard way of rendering 'Cornelius' in Chinese. A bewildering variety of renditions can be found (including some Roman and Biblical names). These include: 科尼利厄斯 Kēnílì'èsī, 科内利乌斯 Kēnèilìwūsī, 科内留斯 Kēnèiliúsī, 科内琉斯 Kēnèiliúsī, 科尔涅里乌斯 Kē'ěrnièlǐwūsī, 柯内留斯 Kēnèiliúsī, 科内利斯 Kēnèilìsī, 克奈尔斯 Kènàiěrsī, 哥内留斯 Gēnèiliúsī, and 哥尼流 Gēníliú. The Mainland translator avoids all of these, choosing instead a simplified name that is easy to pronounce: 康奈利 Kāngnàilì. This is, in fact, more appropriate as a rendition of the English name 'Connelly'. The surname 'Fudge' is rendered as 福吉 fújí meaning 'happy + auspicious', a slight variation on the English pronunciation.

    The Taiwanese translator chooses a more traditional rendition of 'Cornelius': 康尼留斯 Kāngníliúsī. For 'Fudge', she uses 夫子 fūzǐ, meaning 'master'. This is a respectful old term for a scholar or teacher, and also an old term of respect for one's husband. The most famous person to be given the title 夫子 fūzǐ is 孔夫子 Kǒng fūzǐ or 'Master Kong', more commonly known in English as Confucius. This title is a rather humorous touch that makes Fudge sound more pompous.

    コーネリウス Kōneriusu in the Japanese version is a mixture of English and Latin-style pronunciation. A completely English-style transliteration might go コーニーリアス Kōniiriasu. A completely Latin transliteration would go コルネリウス Koruneriusu. The rendition chosen lies somewhere in between. This problem occurs with many of the Japanese transliterations of names for Hogwarts staff and Wizards.

    The two Mongolian versions use the normal Russian rendition of 'Cornelius', which is Корнелиус Kornelius. 'Fudge' in the previous translation is Фюж Fyuj. There does not appear to be any deeper reason for using this transliteration than lack of knowledge of how it is pronounced in English. The new translation uses фаж Faj in line with the English pronunciation. (The Russian translation uses Фадж Fadj).

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