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Chapter 14: Cornelius Fudge


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese characters are shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 康奈利・福吉
Kāngnàilì Fújí
康奈利 Kāngnàilì = 'Cornelius'.
福吉 Fújí = 'Fudge'.
Cornelius Fudge
Chinese (Taiwan) 康尼留斯・夫子
Kāngníliúsī Fūzǐ
康尼留斯 Kāngníliúsī = 'Cornelius'.
夫子 Fūzǐ = 'Fudge' (also 'master').
Cornelius Fudge (Master Cornelius)
Japanese コーネリウス・ファッジ
Kōneriusu Fajji
コーネリウス Kōneriusu = 'Cornelius'.
ファッジ Fajji = 'Fudge'.
Cornelius Fudge
Vietnamese Cornelius Fudge Cornelius Fudge (pronunciation in footnote: Coọc-neo-lớt Phớt). Cornelius Fudge

'Cornelius Fudge' is rendered phonetically in the Chinese and Japanese versions. Vietnamese keeps the English spelling. The name doesn't have anything to do with the 'fudge' that you eat (except perhaps in Japanese) nor with the verb 'to fudge'.

For a change, the Mainland translator comes up with a shorter name than the Taiwanese translator. The characters 福吉 fújí mean 'happy + auspicious'. The characters 夫子 fūzǐ, used in the Taiwanese version, mean 'master', a respectful old term for a scholar or teacher, also an old term of respect for one's husband.

Kōneriusu in the Japanese version partly reflects a Latin-style pronunciation. A completely English-style transliteration might go コーニーリアス Kōniiriasu. A completely Latin transliteration would go コルネリウス Koruneriusu. This problem occurs with many of the Japanese transliterations of names for Hogwarts staff and Wizards.

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