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Chapter 15: Aragog


(For the romanisation of Chinese and Japanese, see Transliteration. To understand the writing systems of CJV, see Writing Systems. For word order notes, see Word Order)

Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 阿拉戈克
阿拉戈克 Ālāgēkè = 'Aragog'. Aragog
Chinese (Taiwan) 阿辣哥
阿辣哥 Ālà-gē = 'Ah + spicy + big brother' = 'Aragog'.
Japanese アラゴグ
アラゴグ Aragogu = 'Aragog'. Aragog
Vietnamese Aragog Aragog (pronunciation in footnote: A-ra-gốc). Aragog

Another phonetic rendition. Unlike the Mainland Chinese version, the Taiwanese version manages to put at least some meaning into the characters for the giant spider's name. The Japanese is a straightforward phonetic rendering in katakana. See also Names of People and Places.

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