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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
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Chapter 16: The Chamber of Secrets


(For the romanisation of Chinese and Japanese, see Transliteration. To understand the writing systems of CJV, see Writing Systems. For word order notes, see Word Order)

Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 密室
密室 mìshì = 'secret room/sealed room'. The secret room
Chinese (Taiwan) 密室
密室 mìshì = 'secret room/sealed room'. The secret room
Japanese 秘密の部屋
Himitsu no heya
秘密 himitsu = 'secret'.
no = connecting particle
部屋 heya = 'room'.
The secret room/The room of secrets
Vietnamese Phòng chứa bí mật phòng () = 'room'.
chứa = 'hold, contain'.
bí mật (秘密) = 'secret'.
The room containing secrets

The Chinese versions use the existing compound word 密室 mìshì meaning 'sealed room' or 'secret room'. This does not completely convey the meaning of the English, which suggests that the chamber contains some kind of secret.

Japanese also possesses the word 密室 (pronounced misshitsu) with the same meanings as Chinese. However, the Japanese translator chooses to use two individual words meaning 'secret' and 'chamber'. The Japanese expression could mean either 'the secret room' or 'the room of secrets'.

Vietnamese is clearest among the four in emphasising that the chamber contains secrets.

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