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Chapter 17: The Heir of Slytherin


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 斯莱特林的继承人
Sīláitèlín de jìchéng-rén
斯莱特林 Sīláitèlín = 'Slytherin'.
de= connecting particle
继承人 jìchéng-rén = 'heir'.
Slytherin's heir
Chinese (Taiwan) 史萊哲林的傳人
Shǐláizhélín de chuánrén
史萊哲林 Shǐláizhélín = 'Slytherin'.
de= connecting particle
傳人 chuánrén = 'successor, exponent (of a craft)'.
Slytherin's successor
Japanese スリザリンの継承者
Surizarin no keishōsha
スリザリン Surizarin = 'Slytherin'.
no = connecting particle.
継承者 keishōsha = 'heir'.
Slytherin's heir
Vietnamese Người kế vị Slytherin người kế vị = 'heir (to the throne, etc.)'
(kế vị = 繼位)
Slytherin (pronunciation according to footnote: Xờ-li-thơ-rin).
Slytherin's heir

The Japanese and Mainland Chinese versions agree on using 继承人 jìchéng-rén or 継承者 keishōsha, the standard dictionary translation for 'heir' which refers to a legal heir who stands to inherit property, etc.

Vietnamese uses người kế vị, meaning 'heir' to a position, usually the throne.

The Taiwanese version uses the word 傳人 chuánrén ('transmit + person'), which refers to someone to whom a skill or craft has been passed on. This word is used for master craftsmen, kung fu masters, etc. Incidentally, the Chinese regard themselves as the 'sons/heirs of the dragon', or 龍的傳人 lóng de chuánrén.

(For 'Slytherin', see section on Names of People and Places.)

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