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Chapter 18: Dobby's Reward


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 多比的报偿
Duōbǐ de bàocháng
多比 Duōbǐ = 'Dobby'.
de = connecting particle
报偿 bàocháng = 'recompense'.
Dobby's recompense
Chinese (Taiwan) 多比的獎賞
Duōbǐ de jiǎngshǎng
多比 Duōbǐ = 'Dobby'.
de = connecting particle
獎賞 jiǎngshǎng = 'reward'.
Dobby's reward
Japanese ドビーのごほうび
Dobii no go-hoobi
ドビー Dobii = 'Dobby'.
no = connecting particle
ごほうび go-hōbi = 'reward'
Dobby's reward
Vietnamese Phần thưởng cho Dobby phần thưởng (分賞) = 'reward, recompense'.
cho = 'for'.
Dobby (pronunciation: Đốp-bi).
Reward for Dobby

The Chinese and Taiwanese versions use different words for 'reward'. 报偿 bàocháng means 'to repay, recompense'. 獎賞 jiǎngshǎng means 'award, reward'.

For go-hōbi, the Japanese version uses hiragana (ごほうび) rather than Chinese characters (ご褒美), an interesting illustration of the subtleties involved in Japanese writing. Hiragana is chosen partly because the characters for hōbi (褒美) are rather difficult and not commonly used, but also because go-hōbi (which is made up of the honorific go- plus the word hōbi 'reward') is a common everyday expression that is used even to children. By showing it in hiragana, the translator conveys the everyday tone of 'a reward for being good boy'. Using characters would have conveyed a stiff, official impression. (For information on the Japanese writing system, see CJV Writing Systems).

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