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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Book Title in Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 哈利・波特与阿兹卡班的囚徒
Hālì Bōtè yǔ Āzīkǎbān de qiútú
哈利・波特 Hālì Bōtè = phonetic transcription.
= 'and' in written Chinese.
阿兹卡班 Āzīkǎbān = 'Azkaban' (phonetic).
de = connecting particle
囚徒 qiútú = 'prisoner, convict'.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Chinese (Taiwan) 哈利波特 阿茲卡班的逃犯
Hālì Pōtè -- Āzīkǎbān de táofàn
哈利波特 Hālì Pōtè = phonetic transcription.
阿茲卡班 Āzīkǎbān = 'Azkaban' (phonetic).
de = connecting particle
逃犯 táofàn = 'escaped criminal/convict'.
Harry Potter: The Escapee from Azkaban
Japanese ハリー・ポッターとアズカバンの囚人
Harii Pottā to Azukaban no shūjin
ハリー・ポッター Harii Pottā = transcription of Harry's name into katakana, normally used for writing foreign words, etc.
to = 'and'.
アズカバン Azukaban = 'Azkaban' (phonetic).
no = connecting particle
囚人 shūjin = 'prisoner, convict'.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Vietnamese Harry Potter và tên tù nhân ngục Azkaban Harry Potter (pronounced Ha-ri Pốt-tơ).
= 'and'.
tên = 'name', a part of speech known as a 'counter' or 'classifier', used for people.
tù nhân (囚人) = 'prisoner'.
ngục () = 'prison, gaol'.
Azkaban = 'Azkaban'.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Prison

The Taiwanese translator's version is interesting for the way that 'prisoner' has been changed to 'escapee'. This is only a subtle change but makes for a more dramatic book title.

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