Harry Potter in Chinese, Japanese & Vietnamese Translation


Chapter 12: The Patronus


Simplified Chinese (China)
守护 shǒuhù = 'guard, defend'.
shén = 'god, divinity'.
The guardian spirit
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
護法 hùfǎ = 'protect the law' = 'upholder of Buddhist law, benefactor of a temple'. Protector of the law
Shugorei / Patorōnasu
守護 shugo = 'protect, guard'.
rei = 'spirit'.
パトローナス Patorōnasu = 'Patronus'
The guardian spirit / Patronus
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Thần hộ mệnh thần hộ mệnh (神護命) = 'guardian angel, guardian spirit'. Guardian angel

All three versions give the meaning of 'Patronus', namely a protective spirit.

    The Mainland and Japanese versions use an expression meaning 'guardian deity' or 'tutelary deity', a part of rural folk religion. (Note the drastic Mainland simplification of the second character in the word 守护 shǒuhù). The Japanese translator again turns to the device of giving the English pronunciation Patronus in small writing (furigana) above the main text (See Chapter 3 for an explanation).

    The Taiwanese version uses a religious expression meaning 'upholder of Buddhist law' or 'benefactor of a temple'. In this case it refers to a powerful spiritual protection. Buddhist priests and temples have a habit of making appearances in Chinese stories of the supernatural.

    The Vietnamese uses a fixed expression meaning 'guardian angel' or 'guardian spirit'.

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