Harry Potter in Chinese, Japanese & Vietnamese Translation


Chapter 19: The Servant of Lord Voldemort


Simplified Chinese (China)
Fùdìmó de púrén
伏地魔 Fùdìmó = 'Voldemort'.
de = connecting particle
仆人 púrén = 'servant'.
Voldemort's servant
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Fódìmó de púrén
佛地魔 Fódìmó = 'Voldemort'.
de = connecting particle
僕人 púrén = 'servant'.
Voldemort's servant
Vorudemōto-kyō no meshi-tsukai
ヴォルデモート Vorudemōto = 'Voldemort'.
-kyō = 'lord'.
no = connecting particle.
召使い meshi-tsukai = 'servant'.
The servant of Lord Voldemort
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Đầy tớ của chúa tể Voldermort đầy tớ = 'servant, domestic'.
của = 'of'.
chúa tể (主宰) = 'lord, sovereign'.
Voldermort (pronunciation: Vòi-đờ-mọt)
The servant of Lord Voldermort

The three translations are fairly simple. Japanese gives Voldemort the title -kyō ('lord') and Vietnamese uses the old expression chúa tể ('lord' or 'sovereign'). Neither of the two Chinese-language versions bothers with the word 'lord'.

For a note on Voldemort's name in Chinese characters, see Names of People and Places. On the Mainland, the first character in the word for 'servant', , has been rather radically simplified to .

Note that the Vietnamese translator misspells 'Voldemort'.

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