Harry Potter in Chinese, Japanese & Vietnamese Translation


Chapter 22: The Unexpected Task


Simplified Chinese (China)
Yìwài de tiáozhàn
意外 yìwài = 'unexpected, unanticipated'.
de = connecting particle
挑战 tiáozhàn = 'challenge'.
The unexpected challenge
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Yìliào-zhī-wài de rènwu
意料 yìliào  = 'expectation'.
之外 zhī-wài  = 'outside'.
de = connecting particle
任務 rènwu = 'assignment, mission, task'.
The unexpected assignment
Yoki senu kadai
予期せぬ yoki senu (Classical negative form of 予期する yoki suru 'to expect, anticipate', here meaning 'unexpected, unanticipated').
課題 kadai = 'subject, theme, task, exercise, problem'.
The unpredicted task
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Công tác bất ngờ công tác (工作) = 'task, assignment'.
bất ngờ = 'unexpected'.
The unexpected task

Although referred to as a 'task' like the first, second, and third tasks in the Triwizard tournament, the Chinese and Vietnamese translators switch to different words for the this unexpected 'task' -- finding a partner for the Yule Ball.

    The Chinese translator refers to the task of finding a partner as a 'challenge' or 挑战 tiáozhàn. This is because it can't be described as an 'item, project, or event' (项目 xiàngmù) of the type assigned in the Triwizard tournament.
    The Vietnamese translator uses the word công tác, meaning 'task' or 'assignment'. The reason is similar: this assignment is different in nature from the first, second, and third tasks of the Triwizard tournament, which are referred to as bài thi 'examinations' in the Vietnamese translation. (Incidentally, công tác, written 工作, is the normal word for 'work' in Chinese).

The Taiwanese and Japanese translators adhere to their original translations of 'task' (任務 rènwu and 課題 kadai), which are suitable for both Triwizard events and the task of finding a partner to the ball.

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