Harry Potter in Chinese, Japanese & Vietnamese Translation


Chapter 26: The Second Task


Simplified Chinese (China)
Dì-èr-ge xiàngmù
第二 dì-èr = 'no. 2, second'.
ge = counter/classifier
项目 xiàngmù = 'item, project, event'.
The second event
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Dì-èr-xiàng rènwu
第二 dì-èr = 'no. 2, second'.
xiàng  = counter/classifier
任務 rènwu = 'assignment, mission, task'.
The second assignment
Dai-ni no kadai
第二 dai-ni = 'no. 2, second'.
no = connecting particle
課題 kadai = 'subject, theme, task, exercise, problem'.
The second task
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Bài thi thứ hai bài thi = 'examination'.
thứ hai (thứ = ) = 'no. 2, second'.
The second examination

The second task, a straightforward translation. Same wording as the First Task.

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