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Chapter 27: Padfoot Returns


Simplified Chinese (China)
Dà-jiǎobǎn huí-lái le
大脚板 dà-jiǎobǎn = 'large foot sole' = 'Padfoot'.
回来了 huí-lái le = 'came back'.
( huí = 'return' + lái = 'come'. Together huí-lái = 'come back'. le is a particle indicating the completion of an action.)
Padfoot has come back
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Shòuzú guīlái
獸足 shòuzú = 'beast foot' = 'padfoot'.
歸來 guī-lái = 'come back/return'.
Padfoot returns
Paddofutto kaeru
パッドフット Paddofutto = 'Padfoot'.
帰る kaeru = 'to return'.
Padfoot returns
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Chân nhồi bông trở lại Chân nhồi bông = 'cotton-padded foot' = 'Padfoot'.
trở lại = 'return, come back'.
Padfoot comes back

Padfoot is, of course, Sirius Black. For the name Padfoot, see Book 3 Chapter 18.

The Mainland Chinese translator uses the particle le, making the chapter title into an announcement that 'Padfoot has returned'.

The Japanese is a literal direct translation of the English which does not make it clear whether Padfoot is coming back to Hogwarts or leaving Hogwarts.

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