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Chapter 28: The Madness of Mr Crouch


Simplified Chinese (China)
Kèláoqí xiānsheng fēng le
克劳奇 Kèláoqí = 'Crouch'.
先生 xiānsheng = 'Mr'.
疯了 fēng le = 'went crazy'. ( fēng = 'be crazy, mad'. le is a particle indicating the completion of an action.)
Mr Crouch goes crazy
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
Kēluóqí xiānsheng de fēngbìng
柯羅奇 Kēluóqí = 'Crouch'.
先生 xiānsheng = 'Mr'.
de = connecting particle
瘋病 fēngbìng = 'madness'
The madness of Mr Crouch
Kurauchi-shi no kyōki
クラウチ氏 Kurauchi-shi = 'Mr Crouch' ( shi is a formal word for 'Mr').
no = connecting particle
狂気 kyōki = 'madness'.
The madness of Mr Crouch
Vietnamese (Chinese characters show etymology)
Cơn điên cùa ông Crouch cơn = 'outburst, fit'.
điên () = 'mad, crazy'.
của = 'of'.
ông = 'Mr'.
Crouch (pronunciation according to footnotes: Cờ-rúc)
The fit of madness of Mr Crouch

The Mainland translator again uses le, making the chapter title sound like an announcement that 'Mr Crouch has gone mad'.

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