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Chapter 36: The Parting of the Ways


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 分道扬镳
Fēn-dào yáng-biāo
分道扬镳 fēn-dào yáng-biāo
= 'go different ways, part company' (literally: 'divide' + 'road' + 'lift up' + 'bridle bit').
Parting of the ways
Chinese (Taiwan) 分道揚鑣
Fēn-dào yáng-biāo
分道揚鑣 fēn-dào yáng-biāo
= 'go different ways, part company' (literally: 'divide' + 'road' + 'lift up' + 'bridle bit').
Parting of the ways
Japanese 決別
決別 ketsubetsu = 'parting, separation, farewell'. The parting
Vietnamese Ngã ba đường ngã ba đường = 'fork in the road, junction' (đường = 'road'). The fork in the road

The parting of the ways between those who are ready to fight Lord Voldemort and those who are not.

The Mainland and Taiwanese translators both hit upon the same translation, 分道揚鑣 / 分道扬镳 fēn-dào yáng-biāo, a four-character Chinese expression that exactly describes 'the parting of the ways'. The meaning is, literally, to 'take different roads and lift up the bridle bit (as if to go)'. Chinese is full of similar short, snappy compounds from its rich literary tradition.

The Japanese translator uses 決別 ketsubetsu, a parting or farewell with the implication that there is little likelihood of meeting again. The original characters for this word are 訣別 ketsubetsu, still used in Chinese. Japanese character reforms after WWII proscribed the use of the character ketsu 'parting', leading to the substitution of ketsu 'decisive, definite'.

The Vietnamese translator quite literally describes the 'parting of the ways' as a 'fork in the road' (ngã ba đường).

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