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Chapter 8: The Hearing


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Where a Vietnamese word has been borrowed from Chinese, the original Chinese character is shown in parentheses.


Chinese (Mainland) 受审
受审 shòushěn = 'subject to interrogation, trial'.
On trial
Chinese (Taiwan) 聽審會
tīng = 'to hear'.
shěn = 'interrogation, trial'.
huì = 'meeting'.
The hearing (meeting)
Japanese 尋問
尋問 jinmon = 'questioning, interrogation, examination'. The interrogation
Vietnamese Phiên tòa phiên tòa = 'trial, hearing, court sitting'. The trial (hearing)

The hearing attended by Harry was technically a 'disciplinary hearing'. This is translated as 受审 shòushěn in the Mainland Chinese version.

The Taiwanese version calls it a 紀律聽審會 jìlǜ tīngshěn-huì ('order/discipline hearing') and the Vietnamese Phiên tòa Kỷ Luật ('order/discipline court sitting' -- Kỷ Luật = 紀律). The Japanese uses 懲戒尋問 chōkai jinmon a 'disciplinary punishment interrogation/hearing'.

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